Double Chance

What is double odds in betting? How does it work?

The most common bets for players are 1X2 bets. However, their advantages are not as great as their popularity. The biggest advantage, of course, is the high odds. Even in the case of clear favorites, the odds are often sufficient to add a bet to the accumulation coupon. The main disadvantage is the three possible outcomes, which automatically reduces our chances of winning. 

Double odds bets are a great alternative to traditional bets. Their advantage over classic bets is that this bet covers more than 1 outcome of the match, so the chances of winning are higher.


Why is it worth it?

Double odds bets give us the opportunity to place one bet on two different results of the encounter. We have 3 double odds betting options to choose from, although the first two are the most popular among punters:

  • 1X – home team wins or draw.
  • X2 – home team wins or draw.
  • 12 – home win or away win.

Our bet covers 2 out of 3 possible outcomes, while traditional 1X2 bets allow you to predict only 1 out of 3 outcomes. Obviously, with this type of bet, the odds of success are much lower, as the probability of success is much higher. 

Players often choose on the melbet official website between betting on double odds and betting without draws, in which splitting the points in a given match results in a return. In the latter case, the odds for each team are higher, but in case of a draw, your bet will be calculated at odds of 1.00. Double odds, even though they have lower odds, do not allow you to get your bet back. 


Betting 12

The less common type of double odds bet is the 12 bet. By choosing this bet, you are betting that the home team or away team will win the match. Thus, you are also betting on 2 out of 3 possible events, but with the exception of a draw. The odds for betting on 12 are usually not very attractive. Moreover, by choosing this option, we assume in advance that we do not know which team is the favorite of the given encounter. Given this, sometimes it is worth serious consideration. 

Do we really have to invest in a game that is a complete mystery to us? This is one type that offers pretty low odds relative to the risk taken. We suggest using this solution only in special situations.


Bookmakers win

The 1X and X2 bets are in every bookmaker’s basic arsenal, they are also very valuable for beginners. They are ideal for games where the home or away bets are high and you’re afraid to bet on a clean single or double. If you choose to bet with support, you have a chance to increase the likelihood of success.


Betting 1X, X2 – what to avoid?

Some bookmakers sometimes use these bets when predicting favorites. This leads to a situation where there are many bets with odds of 1.05 or lower. Also often artificially increase the odds of the selected match, using several bets with support. We do not advise to make such bets – placing odds close to 1.00 is not profitable in the long run. We suggest to simply remove such a bet from the coupon. Greed and “increasing” odds ends badly. There is nothing more annoying than a coupon that is lost because of one match.

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