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Virtual Sports: What is it and how does it work?

If you bet on virtual sports, the main goal is to win. You can change your bets to provide more flexibility if your bet does not win (for example, through so-called “counter bets”). 

We will offer some tips on how to make profitable bets on virtual sports. Although profits are unlikely to be huge, by the end of the session you should have more money in your account than at the beginning. If you don’t make a profit, losses won’t ruin your budget.


Select your virtual sport

You have a choice of seven different virtual sports: soccer, tennis, horse racing, basketball, speedway, track cycling and dog racing. You might think that betting on all of these sports is the same, but the different settings make a big difference in terms of winning opportunities.

For game options (currently soccer and tennis) the number of players always remains the same, as well as the type of bet offered on each game. If you prefer to bet on games, there is no difference in betting on virtual soccer compared to virtual tennis. 

When it comes to racing, different parameters come into play. For example, horse racing can have 6 to 15 runners, greyhound racing always has 6 participants, speedway racing has 4, and car racing has 12 cars. Cycling has 6 to 9 runners, and triathlon always has 8 participants.

Volatility is high and events have a lot of randomness. The best way to increase the odds is to bet on a sport that offers fewer options. Statistically, you’re more likely to pick the winner in a 4-bike race on a speedway than in a 6-dog race or a horse race with 6-15 runners. The first tip is to stick to sports with fewer betting options.


Win small amounts

It is difficult to predict with certainty who will win. In such volatile markets, it is important that players place only small bets to avoid large losses. The approach is to bet only a small portion of each bet. Obviously, small bets mean smaller winnings, but even small winnings will lead to profits.


Don’t wager back

One of the easiest ways to lose money is to place a few bets, see a loss, and then increase the value of the bet to cover it. Instead of recouping your losses, you increase your losses, but only at a faster rate.

If you have trouble winning in virtual sports, a wise decision is to stop, change sports, or even go back to a form of betting that you know more about and where there is less reliance on software.


Select specific betting/virtual sports

You should make sure you maximize those odds by choosing the right sports to bet on and the right bets. The following list contains the sports and events you can bet on more often:

  • Football/Tennis Betting on the result.
  • Speedway Betting (4 players).
  • Stakes on Greyhound Racing (6 dogs).
  • Any bets for races with 6-8 participants.


Create your favorites list

While there is randomness in virtual sports, favorites are weighted in these contests, which means that in many contests favorites should win more often than outsiders. It’s good practice to repeat betting on favorites every time they don’t win. 

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