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Interesting facts about bookmaker’s company

The betting business has an interesting history. We found a lot of interesting information on the web about bookmakers, their creation, offers and interesting events related to bookmakers and sports betting. History of the rise of bookmakers, strange bets, unbelievable winning stories. 


History of betting

Betting on sport (and not only) events has been in people’s life for centuries. Even ancient Romans enjoyed betting on dice, chariot races and gladiatorial fights. The first professional bookmaker in our civilization is considered to be an Englishman Harry Ogden, who announced during the 19th century races that he would accept any bet on the victory of any horse. Another Englishman, John Moores, opened the first betting shop in 1992. Great Britain is considered the cradle of bookmaking and sports betting remains popular in this country. The word “bookmaker” comes from the English word “book” and “maker,” meaning “bet” and “make.”

Bookmaking in its traditional form has long been known, but online betting is a fairly recent phenomenon. Only in 1996 the first online bet was placed. The first player to take advantage of this opportunity was Finn Jukka Konkavaara, who placed a $50 bet on a match between Hereford United and Tottenham Hotspur. Jukka’s coupon was correct, and the Finn made a profit of $2 on it.


A handful of statistics

Betting has been legal on the territory of the former Soviet Union for many years and is quite popular among our compatriots. As the results of the study show, 13% of people have taken part in betting at least once in their life. This results in tens of millions of adults. Most of them are men, because only 8% of bettors are women.


Record winnings

It’s hard to find reliable data on the biggest wins and losses, but the ones we found for you are truly impressive. According to our data, the biggest win so far has been about £1 million. The winning ticket was posted by Fred Craggs of Yorkshire, and he received the jackpot on his birthday. Not a bad gift, huh? Interestingly, Fred had no idea for a long time that his record bet was a winning one. Perhaps he didn’t believe the bets could be right because they looked really incredible. 


Biggest loss

The player’s coupon contained only 1 match and that was the semi-final clash between Spain and Germany during the 2010 World Cup. The player hoped to win 800,000 GBP, but unfortunately his bet fell short and he had to say goodbye to an astronomical 417,000 GBP. 


Tough and interesting bookmaker bets

Bookmakers sometimes outdo themselves by offering increasingly bizarre bets. Of course, not many of them have to do with sports competitions, analysis, statistics, etc. What “pearls” have we found on betting sites? Here are examples:

  • When will the first man land on Mars?
  • How many hot dogs will the winner of the hot dog contest eat?
  • Will Luis Suarez bite the player in this match?
  • Will the next James Bond be black?
  • Who will give the longest acceptance speech at the Oscars?
  • What hair color will Lady Gaga wear in concert during the Super Bowl finale?
  • .

  • Will Donald Trump paint the White House gold?
  • Will Trump and Putin win the Nobel Peace Prize together?
  • Will France ask the United States to return the Statue of Liberty?

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